Poseidon (3.0L Alumiunum)


EU & Asia Pacific (Silver) Cylinder specifications:

Cylinder capacity: 3.0 L
Diameter: 117 mm / 4.61 Inch
Length: 440 mm / 17.32 Inch
Weight: 3,60 kg /  7.9 lb (US)
Working Pressure Diluent: 200 Bar / 2,900 PSI
Working Pressure Oxygen: 135 Bar / 2,000 PSI
Test Pressure: 312 Bar / 4,525 PSI
Thread Specification: 97/23/EC

3.0 L Aluminum Cylinders

The light weight 3.0 L aluminum cylinders, make your Poseidon rebreather even lighter.

Your Poseidon rebreather can be specified with or without 3 liter cylinders (not an available option within EU). Whe you order Poseidon cylinders you will receive light-weight aluminum cylinders that will make your rebreather diving even easier.

With aluminum cylinders, your Poseidon rebreather will be even easier to travel with and handle. If you are unable to refill your diluent or oxygen cylinder you can still have an extra dive by bringing an extra cylinder. You can now order one additional diluent or oxygen cylinder. Cylinders come equipped with tank valves.



Poseidon (Black Line)


Black Line Snorkel

Lightweight. Foldable. Functional. The new Poseidon Black Line Snorkel.

This lightweight, matte black snorkel is the perfect companion to the new Poseidon Black Line Series Mask.

The foldable design makes the Poseidon Black Line Series Snorkel ideal for easy storage in any accessory pocket.

– Lightweight and compact for easy travel.
– Foldable design for easy storage on dives.
– Wraparound design for streamlined swimming.
– Perfect companion to any Poseidon Mask.



Poseidon (One shoe)

poseidon_64933_oneshoe-black poseidon_64959_oneshoe-blackwhite

One Shoe

A shoe worth wearing above and below the surface

Poseidon’s One Shoe booty is made to fit with the design features of the One Suit. Made in Neoprene with waterproof back zipper from YKK. A Shoe worth wearing above and below the surface.

Colours: Black, Black/white

Material: Made in Supratex with rubber sole, YKK Waterproof Zipper and elastic bungy cord.

Technical features: Step in shoe with zipper in the back, elastic bungy cord to keep the shoe slim around the divers foot, high durability sole.



Poseidon (Flexiboot)



With it’s sturdy sole, the traditional Flexiboot is a great fit for both wetsuit and drysuit divers.

If you are doing the type of diving that requires a rugged dive boot, then the Flexiboot is an excellent choice. Almost as smooth as a normal wetsuit boot, the Flexiboot is thin enough to fit most fins.

For our drysuits, the Poseidon Flexisuit and Poseidon Evolution, the Flexiboot is a perfect pairing. These boots will lengthen the life of your drysuit by protecting the socks from wear and tear.

The Flexiboot is made out of neoprene and enhanced with rubber on key areas to provide additional support and comfort.

The boot comes equipped with cord locks and heel strap brackets.


Poseidon (threedee)

8700_xxl mask_threedee_pic33_m


Our exclusive ultralight two-lens mask

A low volume mask that fits most faces. A robust frame and with optical lenses.


Black/black, Black/kevlar, Black/yellow, with black silicone

Black/yellow, with clear silicone

Material: Our exclusive ultralight two­lens mask has an ultra­ light polymer frame and comfort fit skirt in high quality silicone.

The side buckles swivel 45 degrees and are strong and easy to adjust. Colours include matt and metallic surfaces, and ‘Poseidon yellow’.

Technical features: Additional optical lenses available from ­-1.5 to -­6.0



Poseidon (Technica)



Classic mask with ultra low volume

Classic mask with ultra low volume. Very popular among technical and free divers.

Colours: Black/grey

Material: A compact mask with rubberised surface and double glass.

Technical features: Low volume mask, great fit for most divers.



Poseidon (Black Line)

bl_467-0720-160-blacklinemask-yel-shodow-crop-web bl_481-0720-160-black-line-mask-side-gul-shadow-crop-web

Black Line Mask

Designed to easily view Heads Up Display

High performance and high style are combined in the new Poseidon Black Line Mask, featuring LVSL© technology.


This ultra-low volume, matte black mask incorporates a
unique, lightweight frameless design and a single lens
with a slight downwards angle to provide an unprecedented
field of vision combined with great comfort for
most face types. Other masks give you a choice of low
volume for easy clearance or a single lens for a greater
field of vision. Poseidon’s LVSL© technology gives you
the best of both worlds with easy-to-clear low volume
and a single lens in one frameless package.
LVSL© Low-Volume Single-Lens technology gives
you a unique combination of single-lens AND low


  • Single, tilted lens provides enhanced field of vision.
  • Low volume makes clearing water easy.
  • Frameless construction creates a comfortable, light weight mask.
  • Stylish looks will set you apart from the crowd.
  • Specifically designed for Poseidon SE7EN divers to provide a clear view of their heads-up display



Poseidon (Atmosphere)



The full-face mask of choice for professional and cold water diving

The perfectly ­fitting Atmosphere is the full­face mask of choice for professional and cold water diving.

The perfectly fitting Atmosphere protects your face from the cold.

Install communication equipment to talk with your buddy during dives. As an over pressure mask it also allows you to dive contaminated water without getting dirty water on your face.

Technical Features:

> For optimum performance, the Atmosphere should be connected to an Xstream 1st stage.
> Highly effective defogging system
> Antidistortion visor
> Prepared for communication system

Colours: Black



Poseidon (Trident)


Trident Fin

Short rubber fin for the technical diver

The Trident Fin is ideal for those who prefer a rigid rubber fin.

It comes with a stainless steel strap for easy on and off. One of the shortest fins of its kind, Poseidon’s Trident has an edge on the side designed for heightened maneuverability. This fin is very popular among technical divers.

Colours: Black, Red, Grey, Blue

Material: Made from 100% rubber with rubber coated stainless steel strap.

Technical features
> Compact deign for efficient mobility
> Stainless steel strap with easy grip
> Easy on and off
> Fin equipped with dynamic edge for powerful thrusts




Poseidon (Full foot)


Diving Fin

Good for freediving and snorkeling

A full foot fin for the travelling tropical diver who wants to have a fin that gives a good force with every kick. The design follows the One Suit concept.

Colours: Blue, Red, Black, Grey

Material: Made from 100% rubber.

Technical features: A full foot diving fin. Good for freediving and snorkeling.






The regulator of choice for demanding divers

The regulator of choice for demanding divers using air, nitrox, trimix or oxygen. Outstanding performance and certified to 200 meters / 656 feet.

Colours: Black, Green and Yellow

Materials: Durable PCS housing with metal mechanism and rubber parts.

> Trimix, nitrox, oxygen and air
> 95% Helium mix could be used
> 100% O2 Certified
> 200 m / 656 ft  approval Norwegian Norsok
U101 standard
> Approved to cold water standard, EN250
> Approved for use under ice down
to -1,6 °C / 29.12 °F without CWD kit
> Unique internal Thermo Dynamic Anti-freeze system (TDA)
> 5 LP and 2 HP-ports
> 2nd stage could be used either from
left or right
> Upstream 2nd stage valve
> Low WOB – Servo assisted

Xstream Deep MK3, Black (Air, Nitrox 40% and Trimix)
Xstream Duration M26 (EU), Green (Nitrox and 100% Oxygen)
Xstream Octupus, Yellow (Air)
Xstream Duration G5/8″, Green (Nitrox and 100% Oxygen)

Single Kit – Xstream Deep, Yellow
Single Kit – Xstream Duration M26
Single Kit – Xstream Duration G5/8″
Single Kit – Xstream Mk3
Single Kit – Xstream Deep, Black

Double Kit – Xstream Deep, Yellow
Double Kit – Xstream Duration M26
Double Kit – Xstream Duration G5/8″
Double Kit – Xstream Deep, Black


0110-000_xxl 0120-000_xxl regulator_xstream_pic39_m xstream_duration_1st_stage_g5_8 xstream_duration_g5_8 xstream_octupus


Xstream Black Regulator


Poseidon Xstream Black Regulator

Hardcore, Redefined

The Poseidon Xstream Black, based on the Poseidon Xstream, is the preferred performance regulator of the US Navy, US Coastguard, and German Bundeswehr, brings divers the ultimate in performance in all water conditions and at all depths (certified to 200m/656 ft). It is the regulator of choice for divers who really mean business.

With the Xstream Black you get:

  • Titanium black surface coating for insane durability
    • Ultimate performance in all conditions
    • Legendary Poseidon reliability
    • Respect



Jetstream Regulator


The Jetstream Mk3 is an updated version of the classic Jetstream

We have now connected a Jetstream second stage with an Xstream first stage, thus creating an even better version of this high performing regulator.

With its unique style, multiple colours and rugged reliability, the Jetstream is ideal for beginners and experienced divers alike.

Effortless breathing at any depth. The first stage incorporates a safety valve that allows you to continue to breathe normally from the second stage, even in the unlikely event of abnormally high pressure air in the first stage.

Colours: Blue, Red, Black, Grey, Yellow

Material: Durable PVC housing with metal mechanism and rubber parts


> Equipped with two dive modes
> Robust, durable
> Approved to EN250 cold water standard
> Unique Thermo Dynamic Anti-freeze system (TDA)
> Reliable high performance
> 2nd stage could be used either from left or right
> Upstream 2nd stage valve


0110-000_xxl_0 0120-005_xxl 12031_jetstream_collectioncol regulator_jetstream_pic37_m



regulator_cyklon_pic41_m 2981_xxl

The Cyklon has been the first choice of many since 1958
Poseidon’s Cyklon set a new world standard for diving regulators. When it was introduced in 1958, the Cyklon was the first regulator in the world with a single hose and the demand valve situated at the mouth.
Thanks to its well¬tested construction and design, the Cyklon is still the first choice of the German Navy.
Material: Cyklon 5000 2nd stage in plastic. Cyklon Metal – The same design as the Cyklon 5000, but with the 2nd stage in metal.
> Use either way up
>Approved to EN250 cold water standard
> High performance, robust workhorse
> Approved to cold water standard
> Unique durable 2nd stage
> 2nd stage could be used either
from left or right
> Downstream 2nd stage valve
Cyklon 5000
Cyklon Metal
Cyklon Metal Octopus
Cyklon Octopus
All versions of the Cyklon can be offered as Single and Double Kits

3950_xxl 3950_m_xxl 3720_xxl


poseidon b.c.d


Featured in 4 colors and made in CorduraTM 1000.
Products that can be fitted onto the One system:

Weight Pocket Large
Weightpocket Besea QR
Combi Pocket B.C. M
Trim Weight Pocket
Accessory Pocket B.C. S & M

Backplate (steel) Besea
11-inch Adapter
D-ring Kit BeSea prebent

Air Supply Hose (comes as standard with your One Wing)
Crotch Strap (comes as standard with your One Harness)

img_2673b poseidon_product_vingar_ret