Hydros 50

Perfect buoyancy for 2×12 twinset + stage

The buoyancy of HYDROS 50 wing totals 23 kg, thanks to which it is perfect for diving with 2×12 twinset and stage providing sufficient reserve of buoyancy in case of emergency.

HYDROS 50 is a perfect wing for ambitious technical dives and will also work well for advanced recreational dives

HYDROS 50 model was built in such a way that its centre of buoyancy is placed on exactly the same level as the gravity centre of gas in the cylinder. Thanks to this, the trim does not change during the entire dive and remains the same with full and empty cylinders.

The geometry of HYDROS model, especially its contour, provides properly significant righting moment, which makes it a lot easier to reach the correct horizontal position.

To make access to the valves easier, we massively reduced the dead zone in the upper part of the bladder to the minimum. As a result, there is no “loose cloth” effect which makes access to valves difficult while doing a V-Drill.

The reduced bladder volume in the place where hoses are situated makes guiding them also much easier

In the HYDROS 50, we reduced to minimum the part which sticks out above the water while the diver is surfaced. Therefore, the significant part of the displacement is used effectively to keep the diver surfaced.

You will feel the difference during high wave dives at sea, especially when you have with you full stage cylinders.