Complete SCUBA BCD
only 2.3kg total weight!

It’s hard to believe that the GHOST system weighs in at only 2.3kg!

In an age of ever increasing luggage charges this is great news for your wallet and also your arms and back.


An anatomic Next Generation Harness, soft 3D Mesh backplate pads, a refined geometry allowing a perfect trim under water and an extremely high position on the surface – you will appreciate it all while waiting for the boat in choppy seas.
How many times have you hit your head against the first stage during a dive? Many divers lower the tanks down their back in this situation and the wing goes up, but whilst avoiding a headache, it affects trim and leads to a bad diving position.

The GHOST is the only system on the market that allows the adjustment of both the tank and the wing allowing you to enjoy a comfortable dive regardless of your height.

Adjusting the tank and wing allows you to perfect your trim leaving you free to relax and look around.

The shape of a classical elbow prevents it being used in the optimal place. Where old technology creates a barrier, we like to think out of the box and so we designed a completely new one. Our new, unique solution is a specific shape that allows us to put it in the exact middle of the wing without any interference with a cylinder.
This revolutionary adaptor ensures a better working inflator. The Wing deflates more easily and the wing is inflated more proportionally and precisely – this results in precise buoyancy control